All for Women Foundation


The foundation helps to preserve the health of women, living in Hungary and beyond our borders. We also provide help in the field of healthcare for pregnant women, infants, children and families. We support every other organization and association with the goal to improve children’s, women’s and families’ life quality. We also participate in the professional education of healthcare workers, with organized trainings, workshops, just as well as publishing and presenting educational materials.

Our aim is to improve the obstetric care in Hungary, therefore we also take part in organizing national and international conferences. During these events, the experts of obstetrics, midwifery and nursing have the opportunity to get to know each other’s researches, protocols and practices from all around the world.

Professionals, who are working for the Foundation, are also focusing on the improvement of our international relations, in order to help us cooperate with international partners in researches, scientific work and to learn from foreign practices and achieve progress in the field of obstetric care in Hungary, and create a family friendly environment in hospital care.

Our Team


Dr. Péter Finna – Founder, Board Member

Ear-nose-throat specialist, Medical Director of FINNA-MED private clinic, founder of the Obstetrics Department, adjunct professor at the Department of Nursing at the University Educational Hospital, the Chairman of the Board of Helping Hand for the Youth of Europe Foundation.


Dr. Lóránt Ágoston – Chairman of the Board

Gastroenterologists specialist, Head of Department of Internal Medicine of FINNA-MED private clinic, internist, gastroenterologist specialist, adjunct of the the Jósa András Hospital.


Tímea Incze – Board Member

Graduate midwife, Nursing Director of FINNA-MED private clinic, founding member and Director of Finance of the Association of Hungarian Midwives, member of the Board of Helping Hand for the Youth of Europe Foundation.


Enikő Szilágyi – Board Member

Graduate midwife, President of the Association of Hungarian Midwives, midwife and sonographer of FINNA-MED private clinic, midwife and sonographer of University Educational Hospital.




  • Educational booklet about Comprehensive Sexual Education

It is often embarrassing for the young to have conversations about sexuality with adults, especially with their parents. Consequently, the lack of information can lead to unwanted pregnancy or venereal diseases. Our educational booklet presents the methods of contraception and the necessary information about a responsible sexual life, to make it easier for teenagers to get the necessary information.


  • Expecting a baby – maternity booklet

For soon-to-be parents it is always good to get some tips, just to be sure, that they will be prepared by the time the baby is arriving. With our maternity booklet, we give some guidelines to them and a list of the necessities that they should not forget while rushing to the hospital.


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