International relations

International relations

In the last years, we payed special attention to maintain our international relations. We are continuously establishing new international partnerships that can help us to get to know other countries’ healthcare protocol in obstetrics and paediatrics. We believe that if we share our knowledge, we can evolve together and step by step, help the transformation of the domestic obstetrics care. Furthermore, we can contribute with our expertise to help the developing countries.

Our goal is to promote the sustainable development of the health industry and to build an environmentally conscious society. This is the main reason, why we are not only connecting with the health professional institutions, but also with the related technical and industrial partners, to be able to reach the latest innovations.

Using these experiences, we are organizing professional trainings, courses and workshops, to give the opportunity for domestic professionals, to meet new international trends, technologies and professional protocols, that are used worldwide. We are building and researching the opportunities that will lead us to a sustainable development. We work for the next generation with commitment, with today’s most advanced technology, based on our knowledge and experiences.

Among others, we had the opportunity in 2018 to negotiate with the leader of the International Confederation of Midwives, the leaders of the Health Ministries in Indonesia, Tanzania and Ecuador. With the guidance of local professionals, we had the chance to take a closer look at the challenges of the healthcare in developing countries in Africa and Asia. We also could build international connections that can lead to future cooperation.

Thanks to our international relations and connections, we could invite internationally well-known professionals, just as Dr. Sally Pearman (Chief Executive of the International Confederation of Midwives), as keynote speaker to the International Obstetrics Conference in 2018. We also had the honour to welcome Ibu Robin Lim (“CNN” Hero of the Year prize) and Dr. Michel Odent as lecturers in the conference.


Netherlands study


African study


Scientific work, research

One of the most important goal of our team is to present the results of our scientific work and researches, and share our accomplishment with the representatives of the midwifery and obstetrician profession. Thanks to the commitment of our expert staff, some of our researches and studies are already available on our website. These studies are mainly focusing on different obstetric protocols abroad, discussing general obstetric topics and also examining innovative techniques related to a sustainable healthcare system. Our plan is to continue the research and the scientific work and publish more professional studies and research.

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