National and international conferences play an important role in the development of the midwifery profession, and give space to get to know new directions, modern technologies. It is important to have a chance to meet each other, to share our experiences, and also to have the opportunity to learn from good practices. We found it necessary to create a platform, where the representatives of the midwifery profession, the healthcare providers, the creators of healthcare-related innovative technologies can meet, and work together for a sustainable and well-balanced future of women, children and families.

Conferences, events, organized by the Foundation:

  • September, 2017: I. National Conference for Pregnant Care and Natural Birth
  • September, 2018: II. National Conference for Pregnant Care and Natural Birth
  • December, 2018: International Obstetrics Conference
  • December, 2018: The role of families and women in creating sustainability – professional event
  • December, 2018: In the spirit of family reunification for underprivileged children – family event


Courses, professional training

It is indispensable for midwifes, specialists and nurses, to constantly acquire new knowledge, and learn continuously. That is why we are organizing professional trainings, workshops on a regular basis, to give the opportunity for domestic professionals, to meet the new international trends, technologies and professional protocols, that are used worldwide. In 2018, in Kisvárda, we organized an educational training for professionals working in healthcare, in Kállósemjén, more than 200 working women joined us in our health-educational training.

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