Comprehensive Sexuality Education

Comprehensive Sexuality Education

It is one of the most beautiful experiences for a woman to become a mother and to start a family. However, it is also a huge responsibility. We believe, that the first step to start a happy family, is when couples take family planning seriously. If women are prepared before pregnancy, if they are considering the responsibilities of being a mother.

Unfortunately, we face a lot of situations, when the lack of information leads to an unwanted pregnancy. And these situations can seriously effect these women’s life negatively, especially when they are in their teenager years.

To prevent these cases, we organize comprehensive sexual educations in schools, where experienced and trained professionals and volunteers explain students the responsible ways of sexuality, the methods of contraception and the prevention of venereal diseases.

Our educational booklet, that we published primarily to educate the youth, presents the methods of contraception and the necessary information about a responsible sexual life.

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